Sensor/Actuator Walk- Part 1

My new assignment or task for a class i am taking is to observe object around me in my community, workplace, at home and various place that i travel to. The objective is to find and compare components in the arduino uno kit and explain sensor and actuators.

What are sensor and actuators? And how they work together

Sensor listen to physical world. It is a cause to make a device have an effect.A sensor is a device that detects events or changes in quantities and provides a corresponding output, generally as an electrical or optical signal. For example: press a button, wave your arms, shout, buttons and knobs

Actuators respond to action of sensor. It the effect of the cause. Actuator convert electronical energy back to physical energy like light, heat and movement.

Microcontroller listen to sensor and talk to actuators.They decide what to do based on a program that you write. For example arduino program responds to if in the program you want led light red when button/switch is press then input is button(sensor) and output is led red(actuators).

Arduino Uno a microcontroller. microcontroller is in keyboard. They control interaction between components. The key are the switch and the key are sent to microcontroller and microcontroller send signal to motherboard which can be seen as actuator make things happen by converting energy into motion or controlling a object. The keyboard has 3 light emitting diodes leds the scroll lock, cap lock and number lock

Inside of my house my smoke detector uses 9 voltage battery. It also has gas sensor, constant flicking light and another output of noise if gas sensor is detection carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide. It also has a noise output like piezo and sensor that alarm when battery is going to die


I was repair a network for an elevator on 42nd street. I notice MTA NYCT elevator use high pressure oil driven hydraulic motors. If i recall actuators charges from source of energy like hydraulic fuild pressure and will convert that into motion to move the elevator up and down for customers. The actuator respond to button press and go into jumper wire maybe and added diodes to ensure current goes one way and when the elevator arrive it make a sound which can be a piezo. the hydraulic fluid can be overheated and stop the elevator from working, that also mean it has a  temperature sensor changes when the system is being used to much.



on the bus when you press stop sign (stop requested) it has liquid crystal display screen

ceiling fan has h bridge control voltage to motor

DC motor used in scooter the Chinese delivery man use

optocoupler used in medical machine

capacitor are used to tune a radio circuit

cell phone like iphone has tilt sensor because some games allow you to use the phone

Temperature sensor





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