super feature

What kind of super-feature you wish your phone, clothing, home or furniture offered?Cell phone these days can do a lot of things. Apple phone has siri, Android have google talk but a couple things I have notice that cell phone do not have is extra super freature. A super feature that I wish my phone had was to be able to respond to my request in sleep mode, for example be able to turn off or on from my phone with my voice or when I clip my hands twice.Another feature could be my phone on charger on my dresser and I am laying down on my bed, someone is calling, to be able to tell my phone ignore call, send to voice mail or send a text “I will call back, I am taking a nap”. To make the cell phone feature would probably require customize siri more or google talk to the phone to respond to certain command however this feature may become a major battery drainer.I am sure apple or samsung probably trying to develop similar feature right now but it will come out within a year with there new phone launch. A feature I wish my couch had was physical hands install and with a remote I can customize what type of message I would like and where, this feature probably could be made with fake rubber shape hands and rewire electronic component and remote that is compatible. I wish there was special clothing for different season like for example in winter a sweater that give heat or in summer cooler inside the shirt. I do not have a clue what would required to make that feature but it would be cool.this idea make be similar to how they made sweat shirt and hoodie with headphone installed it is sold at kmart, oldnavy or sears.



  1. D · October 2, 2014

    Which one are you going to make this semester? One of these might make for a very nice final project and art show demo. ; D Any idea about physical components of technologies you might use? Will you go with open or closed source (Open! Open! Open!)? ; D


    • shateya91 · October 2, 2014

      I am not sure what I will decide to be my project and most likely open source.


      • D · October 3, 2014

        Awesome, well, they would all be pretty cool. It’s great that you posted more than one idea with some thoughts. The fake hands could be a great tongue in cheek concept. You know, Uniqlo makes products they claim to keep you warmer or cooler, but I can think of a way or two to make it responsive.

        Anyway, good job. Keep it up.

        BTW– please send me an updated email when you can… to my email, not this post. ; D


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