I am starting my new project called drawdio from learn.adafruit.com/drawdio. The drawdio is a pencil that let you draw with music. It is a amazing idea. My first guide step by step on how me and my partner put together the drawdio. The first step I took was to learn how to solder. It is not the best soldering but it was my first try I thought it was pretty descent.


The drawdio kit v1.1 come with inside the package included PCB printed circuit board,IC1 TLC551 timer kit,Q1 PNP transistor EBC pinout, C1 680pF ceramic capacitor,C3 0.1uF ceramic capacitor (104), C2 100uF capacitor, R1 1/4W 5% 20 MEGAohm resistor, Battery holder 3’As,Copper foil tape,Thumbtack, pencil zip tie and wire.

The following photo displayed show R1 1/4W 5% 20 MEGAohm resistor one set of colors is red,black, blue and gold another set that is brown, black, blue, gold. the resistor are being pin into the circuit board which show in picture 1 and 3. The middle picture show something blue being pin into the circuit board that is C1 680pF ceramic capacitor


The next picture show IC1 TLC551 timer kit being pin to the circuit board (black square box).


this picture pin the C3 0.1uF ceramic capacitor(yellow) across from  C1 680pF ceramic capacitor , Q2 PNP transistor EBC pinout (black piece).The piece is bent to a specific angle picture number 2 show the transistor being bent from different angle from different camera view.


shows the Q1 NPNP N2222 or 2N3904 transistor EBC pinout (black piece) being added to the picture it bent going northward. It is the bigger transistor.




This is the ending project that my partner finished however the pencil that was suppose to make sound when you write on paper did not work.



Toubleshooting method we use

1.we use the digital mult meter to diagnosis that battery.

2. we replace the copper around the pencil

3.we tried to desolder, maybe there was to much solder and it could have defected the communication.

conclusion: we was unable to find out why the pencil did not work




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