Story telling project

I started a hacking and building class at my college. The idea of this story telling project is to create a story about an object that was strip apart. I decide to take apart my dell keyboard and this story will be based on life and its ups and downs. Using the keyboard to show how stress can mess up your day. Some of my photography idea came from and Todd Mclellan book things come apart.

When life is going good all your pieces are put together. The image look like a fully functional keyboard.


When we have a problem one piece fall off. Removing the alt key to demonstrate a problem has occurred.


If the problem is never fix and it continue to get worse all the piece fall off and it start to get real messy.All the keys are moved in the first image and second image shows the key (black square pieces scattered),microprocessor and controller circuitry (brown square irregular object), the key matrix(white clear with line going through it),rubber dume switches(white flexible piece). In addition, the usb connector and front and back of keyboard. All the piece are everywhere what do you do?

CAM00163 IMG_2169IMG_2168

When our back is against the wall and we do not know what to do, we sometimes go to get fresh air and spend alone time to think.


If we do not know what to about certain situations, the first step that we take to resolve an issue is to go to our love ones family and friends for advice. The back and inside piece which separate the keys from the rubber dume switch which allow the keys to bounce when you type something on pc which form letter L, usb connector and rubber dume switches form O, the key matrix, loose screws and piece clip from microprocessor and controller circuitry form V and microprocessor and controller circuitry itself and alphabet key,Fn key and control key form letter E.


After we receive advice from our love ones we start to try to fix the situation. We put things in order.


In the end we try to put the piece back together and be happy again. The arrow show the piece trying to be put back together inside the keyboard to look like original eventually.



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